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Facility information

Facility information

We work hard to meet the needs of all guests, whether on a business trip or vacation, and make sure everyone has a comfortable and relaxing stay at Sunriver Shimanto.

​Guest rooms: 2nd-7th floor

Number of rooms: 115

Hotel’s maximum occupancy: 203 persons

Café: 1st floor

Maximum occupancy: 70 persons

Hours: 6:30 AM-9:00AM

​Buffet-style breakfast

Free parking

Parking hours: From 3:00PM on day of check-in until check-out.

Parking Lot Capacity = 80 vehicles

Vending machines:

1st floor &5th floors

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.

Ice machine: 5th floor

Guests can use the ice machine free of charge.

Smoking area: 1st floor

​The smoking area is located inside the lobby on the 1st floor.

Hotel services


Internet can be accessed wirelessly throughout the hotel.

We do not offer IT support, however.

Coin laundry: 6th & 7th floors

Guests can use the laundry room 24 hours a day.

Number of machines: 4

​Valuable Items

Guests’ may store their valuables in the hotel safe, located at the front desk.

Sunriver Shimanto does not take responsibility for any loss or theft of items that occurs in guest rooms.

Fax/ copier: at front desk

Copies are ¥10 per page for black & white or ¥30 per page for color.

Fax: ¥50 per page

Guests receiving faxes will not be charged.

Guest PC: 1st floor

Guests can use the PC located on the 1st floor free of charge.

Taxi service

The front desk is happy to call a taxi for you.

Laundry service

Laundry can be dropped off from 9:00AM at the front desk, and can be picked up on the same day starting from 6:00PM.


Area Information

Click the image to see driving routes to Sunriver Shimanto.
Ashizuri Cape

The Ashizuri Cape is Shikoku’s southernmost point. Usubae, on the western side, is the only location in all of Japan which comes into direct contact with the Kuroshio Current. There are two scenic viewpoints, both with 270-degree views, where you can take in the entire beautiful coastline from the Ashizuri Cape in the east to Kanaezaki in the west. You can even make out the curvature of the earth from the horizon’s arc.

Shimanto River

At 196km, the Shimanto River is the longest in Shikoku. It is known as “the last pure river”, and even now the locals fish the river with traditional methods. The course of the river is dotted with “chinkabashi” (sinking bridges) which serve both as a means to cross the river and as a scenic part of the landscape

Waterlily Festival

In summer, approximately 3,000 waterlilies blanket Tombo Park every morning in an array of colors. Local products are sold and nature exploration games are held in peak blooming season.


Kashiwajima is a great spot for fishing, diving, and camping. The gorgeous coastal scenery is well-known, appearing on TV and in ads, and many divers come from outside the prefecture to enjoy the water. There are also camp grounds.

Shimanto Festival

The Shimanto City Festival is held around the end of July. There are many sights to see, such as a Nakamura-style dancing parade and a separate lantern-filled parade.

Firefly Festival

June is the best time to see fireflies in Shimotsui, and seeing their mesmerizing nighttime dance is a magical experience.

A roofed sightseeing boat

A sightseeing boat ride along the Shimanto River is the perfect way to be in the moment and enjoy the scenery.

Firelight fishing

You can see the seasonal tradition of “firelight fishing” from summer until early fall on the Shimanto river. Watch the gripping spectacle from a nearby boat as fishermen use torches to chase and catch sweetfish.

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